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[Maybe ten minutes or so later Koujaku is knocking at Aoba's door. He's been trying to figure out what to say to Aoba, which is weird because words are usually something he's good with. He's good at deflecting and guiding the conversation the way he wants. Yet he knows Aoba cares for Ren a lot, and hey, the little guy was more than just a little robot dog to even him. Beni and him don't have the same relationship those two have, but he can understand the attachment.

He's placed Ren's body inside his kimono carefully, like he's safeguarding it. He put the allmate in sleep mode, but well, turning it on wouldn't be a good idea for Aoba to see. Maybe something the Landlord did or just bringing Ren here... did he cause this? Maybe he shouldn't have tried to please Aoba and make him happy. If he waited, maybe Ren would have been fine and they wouldn't be in this situation. Would Aoba blame him? If he...

No, he needs to focus on Aoba and not himself right now. He's not sure what he can do to help, but as long as the other knows he's there for him. He'll deal with whatever happens to hi personally, but Aoba is a different story.]
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[He nods his head in acknowledgement of Aoba's greeting, entering the house. No need to be formal or anything like that since he's familiar enough with the other. He moves into the hallway, but then stops, turning towards him and taking Ren out of his kimono.]

He's in sleep mode, and while allmate wise he's functioning... [He's careful with Ren, making sure to be extra cautious about dropping him.] Aoba, like I told you, I tried to do what I can. Noiz spent a few days on it, and while I think he's... [He tenses up for a second, but ugh, no time to worry about shitties when this is serious! He gets grip on himself, relaxing and looking rather sad and concerned once again.] I doubt he'd spend three days not doing anything, and it looked like he tried to help. [Noiz was actually not apathetic, so it surprised him.]

I'm not sure what to say to make this easier. I know you're very attached to Ren and consider him a friend, so no matter what I do, the end result... [He fixes his bangs with one of his hands, and then with that hand, he turns Ren on. He holds Ren with two hands again, still not being able to look at Aoba in the eyes or even towards him. He can't even look at the allmate in his hands, and instead, he hears a barking sound and a tongue panting. 'Ren' isn't acting like Ren at all.]

It seems he's been reset.
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[Tried his best. Which in this case, isn't enough or doesn't turn out the way he wants. It's a bitter, disheartening feeling because he's hurt Aoba. The guilt complex is strong with this one.]

Of course. [He doesn't look at him, turning and walking out of Aoba's house. He pauses, stopping under the doorway.] If you need anything, don't hesitate to text, call, or even visit. [He still doesn't look at him, and while he tries to hide the sadness in his voice, it's still there.] You're not alone here. [And he doesn't mean just him. Either way, once Koujaku is done speaking, he goes through the door, closing it behind him. He starts making the slow walk back to his own house or maybe pleasure gate. He kind of doesn't want to just sit and do nothing, having a strong urge to keep himself distracted.]